Ex Post Facto

Ex Post Facto


Ex Post Facto, a legal term defined as “a law that makes illegal an act that was legal when committed” encapsulates Winemaker Greg Brewer’s deviant desire to go outside his Brewer-Clifton paradigm to explore a new muse – Syrah.


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"This Santa Barbara County cool-climate Syrah is rooted in power, elegance and intensity. It is certainly Syrah seen through the lens of a Pinot Noir producer."

Winemaker & Founder, Greg Brewer

Winemaker of the Year

Ex Post Facto bottle

2021 Ex Post Facto
Santa Barbara County Syrah


out of the aftermath
after the fact
in the light of subsequent events
retroactive effect or force
it was legal when I did it
why am I now being accused
and more severely punished?
I would apologize but I am not sorry....I never really was

Brewer-Clifton tasting room

Los Olivos Tasting Room

Our tasting room is located in the town of Los Olivos, California just 45 minutes north of Santa Barbara. We are open by reservation only in order to maximize each guest's experience.

2367 Alamo Pintado Ave
Los Olivos, CA 93441