Winemaker Greg Brewer

“I have been fortunate enough to attend panels in Europe and many webinars about wine. This truly stands out in/up another tier! I learned so much. I love the way [Greg] accommodated us at UCSB. I love his humility and gratitude to [us], his illustrations and more potently his metaphorical use of language, his passion, and his energetic gesticulations.”

Howie Giles, Ph. D, D. Sc.
Distinguished Research & Edward A Dickson Emeriti Professor, UCSB

Greg Brewer has received rave reviews from ADP, Freeborn Law Firm, and UCSB, to name a few, for the private tastings they have booked for their clients. If you are interested in hosting a customized tasting, virtual or in person, for your employees or clients please inquire below.

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“Greg! You are such a rock star. Everybody loved you. Everybody loved your wines! Thank you for giving so much of yourself to us. Thought you would enjoy the comments we got: ‘A beautiful speaker, wow’; ‘Wonderful and enlightening’; ‘Amazing. Was on the mailing list and fell off. Going back on’; ‘Not like other virtual wine tastings. This guy’s stories about his entrepreneurial journey were the difference’. “

Pam Dillon Co-Founder & CEO of Wine Ring