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In the warm summer months, we provide refrigerated transportation and complementary ice packs in your shipment to keep your wine cool.

In the warm summer months, we provide refrigerated transportation and complementary ice packs in your shipment to keep your wine cool.

Mysterious and evocative, very few beverages rival the elegance of sparkling wine with tiny beads of effervescence emerging from within to deliver the message of origin to all of our senses.

When we embarked on our initial vintage in 2010, we espoused this exploration solely to Chardonnay planted in the sandy upper blocks of our 3D vineyard. One ton of clone 4 (for bright precision) and one ton of clone 76 (for length and depth) are gently pressed together, with the majority of the juice collected from simply tumbling the grapes and letting gravity coerce the free run through the drain screen.

The primary fermentation is carried out at an extremely cold temperature in neutral barrels with malolactic inhibited to preserve a fresh spine of acidity. The base wine is aged on non-disturbed yeast lees for ten months before being prepared for its second fermentation in bottle which transpires in July.

One of the more influential elements of this wine’s upbringing is the extended time spent in contact with the yeast lees in bottle. During this period, referred to as en tirage, the wine remains nurtured and protected by the spent yeast. There is an incredible evolution throughout this tenure, where the yet to be finished product simultaneously gains soulful depth while still retaining freshness and life.

The late disgorgement of the wine is akin to unearthing a time capsule that has been buried away for the better part of a decade. We carried out this labor intensive process at the culmination of eight years in our cellar on September 9th, 2021. On this day the spent yeast was extracted bottle by bottle followed by swiftly topping, corking and caging.


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We have an uncompromising commitment to quality. Using sustainable and organic farming methods, we work to achieve a balance between the site, the vines, and the microclimates in each vineyard.

About Sta. Rita Hills

3D Vineyard in Sta. Rita Hills

About Sta. Rita Hills

One of the coolest climates on the west coast, Sta. Rita Hills of Santa Barbara County enjoys the longest growing season, making this a paradise for pinot noir and chardonnay. The quality of the vineyards and grapes grown here is rivaled only by the absolute beauty of the region itself. The unique transverse valleys funnel maritime influences through a small appellation filled with with variations in soil, aspect and micro-climates to produce sites of character and distinction. We are incredibly fortunate to work and farm in this exceptional winegrowing region, unlike any other in the world.